No. Our pieces are handcrafted via moulds that only we have made. All pieces are hallmarked with our brand emblem and engraved and are delivered in Chain Gang packaging. 

We are aware of many Instagram "brands" attempting to copy our designs with Chinese knock-offs, using our photos & videos etc. but we stand confident in knowing that their alternatives are simply poor replicas that only last a very limited time, whether it be breakage or tarnishing. Our team stick by us not only due to our brand, but also our high quality product.


We offer extremely durable layering across all pieces, however we advise taking certain precautions:

1. Chlorine, especially at higher temperatures, can permanently damage or discolour jewellery. Avoid wearing jewellery whilst swimming or in hot water. 

2. Alcohol, or Aftershave/Perfume, can have an effect on the finish of your jewellery if applied directly. Avoid spraying or making contact.