Handcrafted Jewellery designed in Britain & worn worldwide. Combining art, stories and premium craftsmanship to create pieces that last a lifetime, in both quality & design.

Our name was derived from a lawful practice that chained people together and used forced labour as a form of punishment, often partnered with unjust sentences. The individuals of Chain Gang’s were responsible for the development of many recognised landmarks and public spaces of today, but their legacy and contribution has never been fairly acknowledged.

In some ways, we feel like the current cycle of society has similarities - we work our life away in systems, as part of a bigger machine that often forces us to trade our true desires for security regardless of how much we enjoy the job - and our contribution is rarely recognised.

When we say “break free” we’re referencing this system of big commitment for little rewards. We’re saying question convention, find your own way break free & make your mark against the machine.

CG Jewellery Co.